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The “DG fuzz” pedal is a fuzz pedal based on a muff style circuit with a warm tone and a big bottom end to it. This fuzz pedal is representative of the fuzz sounds used around the Gilmour era of the 70’s. Also having an internal trim pot for the amount of fuzz, you can set your own desired level and adjust from the preset level.

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Aditional Information

Volume: Controls the volume level of the effect

Fuzz: Controls the amount of fuzz

Treble: Controls the amount of treble

Bass: Controls the amount of bass

  • The DG Fuzz comes in a 125B Enclosure (LxWxD): 119x64x40mm (including lid) (69 x 2.52 x 1.57 inch)
  • -9v dc tip power supply required
  • No internal 9v dc battery function 
  • If you would like to have the halo light plate fitted or large foot topper switch at an additional cost then please request this prior to ordering.
  • This edition comes in holographic chrome metallic flake paint, sugar skulls graphics. Alternative graphic schemes available upon request.
  • All Flattley pedals are handmade, hand wired boutique custom guitar and bass pedal effects manufacturing company in the UK. further details can be found at and all our social media sites on Instagram/Facebook/LinkedIn/YouTube. Come and follow us/subscribe to see what we do and how you would want to have your customised pedal made 

3 reviews for DG Fuzz (Fuzz)

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Paul Flattley

    Hi, i bought a DG Fuzz Pedal at the Newmarket guitar show, just a thank you for your demo and info you gave me on the rig set up, pedal is fantastic sounds so sweet. The inspiration just from that sound in side your box of tricks is ten fold! Will defo be purchasing again!

    Once again thank you!!

    Best Regards


  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Josh M

    One word. AMAZING.
    I’ve always steered clear of Fuzz because I find it too undefined. Absolutely not the case with this. Yes you can create crazy saturated tones but you’re also able to tweak and refine your sound which is an absolute treasure to have at your disposal. If you want you can even get some really nice thick drive tones from this which is a good sign of a quality made product that has been well engineered. This is a Swiss Army knife for fuzz.

    • Paul Flattley

      Thanks for the comments and I have to agree that this fuzz holds the bottom end and you get some thick tones. This is rapidly becoming our best seller and giving the Centurion a run for its money. Regards Team Flattley

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Andreas Fauth

    I bought this Pedal at the guitar summit Thein Germany. It actually reminds me of David Gilmour’s sounds or big muff sounds. The tone is bright and smooth, with rich harmonics and long sustain. Into my ear It needs a certain basic volume – more than bedroom – to sound good. It is more versatile than a fuzz with just one tone control thanks to the dual tone control. I use it with singlecoils and humbuckers both. The sound cleans up well if the volume is turned down. Finally I especially like the design and the led.
    Thanx and best regards

    • Paul Flattley

      Hi Andreas, thanks for the kind words on the DG Fuzz. This is a great fuzz that holds the bottom end and yes live it comes into its own. Great to meet you and your family at the Guitar Summit in Mannheim and we hope to see you again. many thanks from the UK, best regards Team Flattley

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